Interior designer – intern

You possess a strong sense of design and know what makes an place unique. At Shan Wong Interior Design we expect you to seek out novel experiences, combining modern and classic, and working hand in hand with the customer.
Some experience (personal, at school or even professional work) in designing, drafting and communicating with 3rd parties (customers, contractors, suppliers) is highly recommended.

You will

  • iteratively design private and commercial places
  • explore the design space of a project
  • find the right, unique angle for the job at hand
  • work with unique materials
  • cooperate with all parties involved
  • regularly visit the site and coordinate 
  • research and explore new trends in the field
  • visually showcase your work to the team and the customers


  • the skills and ability to turn explorative sketches into proper elevations
  • AutoCAD and Photoshop have no secrets for you. 
  • has been part of a public-facing projects or experiences in the past
  • adheres to good design guidelines
  • possess an intuition on what makes a good design or a great experience
  • Able to communicate with a cool head while juggling several projects simultaneously
  • Not shy of responsibilities 
  • English proficiency is a must, and any other languages gets bonus points!
  • Able to work in Singapore

We offer

  • mentorship from experienced senior designers 
  • hands-on experience while working on unusual projects
  • a flexible and fast paced environment, with a can-do mentality
  • time and resources to learn, explore and work on your own wild ideas
  • internships can be full time or part time – let’s discuss!

Working at Shan Wong Interior Design
Shan Wong is committed to pursuing diversity, inclusion and fairness when looking for wonderful people to join our team.

We’re located in Singapore: we do not believe in fixed office space and encourage working from different locations to stay creative. We encourage flexible working times -- being creative and productive does not fit in the 9 to 5 mentality.

How to apply
Send an email to via the contact page, in which you explain why you will be our next kick-ass intern! Make sure to include your resume and portfolio and remember that we want to get to know the real you!